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The relatively young company was founded in 1999 and increased in the following years its value more and more. A brief highlight of this amounted to 550 million English pounds. However, the passing of the URGE law in the United States dropped the value of Plastic shrink significantly. In the meantime, however, the company has, as already mentioned, free as one of the main developers of casino software again from this bottom. Now employs the seller about 1,000 employees, the company headquarters is still on the Isle of Man.

In particular, Plastic is known for the usual casino games, which have a place in any well reputable online casino. These include roulette, blackjack, various slot machines in 2D and 3D as well as video poker and related games. As a special, you can even play some of the machines from Plastic with multiple players, what else only Micro gaming offers in this form. If you find the Plastic logo on the website of a casino, as well as the odds are not bad that you can also play with a live dealer. In virtually all cases, you have to make any download, because the games you can play (on the phone or on the go) most simply in your web browser.

Plastic seems to have found just the right niche: You can update the software of this company, for example, the case of known providers such as the Euro Grand Casino , bet365 and Ladbrokes find out which should particularly look familiar if you have ever tried to online poker . Plastic is thus mostly active in Europe - at least up to a modification of the existing strict laws of Internet gambling in the United States. Plastic is the highest level of security and is also extremely entertaining games. If you see the banner of the company on the website of an online casino, you can be sure to have landed at a reputable and above all fun provider - with no financial risk or other spoilsport.

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