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Which are the Best Online Slots to win Real Money?
There are tons of theories on how to know which is the perfect slot machine. When you start playing slot machines you get the impression that you are already qualified to differentiate which is the best of all. By "best slot machine" we mean the machine that gives the impression of giving out more coins than it receives, at least for a specified period of time.

However, this is not the reality in most cases, that is why, we are going to give you some tips or tricks to keep in mind when choosing real money slots machines.

How to find the most profitable slots

The first thing you must understand about slot machines is how they determine the winning spins. They use a program called Random Number Generator (RNG) that constantly generates numbers. These numbers determine where the reel will stop the next time you spin it. As the name indicates this process is totally random, so there is no way to predict what will happen in any specific run.

Keep in mind that the random number generator is programmed to give the casino a mathematical advantage. If you play slots online for real money for too long, the casino will win, because that is the way the game is programmed. This does not mean that you cannot become a winner in a short period of time.

Another important concept to take into consideration is the RTP (Percentage return to player). The RTP calculates how much of the total bet from each game goes back to the player's pocket on average; the remaining part is what is known as the house edge. Let's imagine that of 100% of the bet, the player recovers on average 97%. So the house edge is 3%. Most slot machines have an RTP of between 92 and 98.5%. At first glance it may seem like little difference, but if you look at it from the casino's point of view, the profits go from 8% to just 1.5%. Therefore, you must look out for real money slots with high RTP.

What are loose slots?

Loose slots are online slots with characteristics favorable to players, the ones with high RTP. On the contrary, "tight slots", are the ones with lower RTP and a high variance index.

The concept of loose slots has nothing to do with their functions, number of reels, theme or bonuses. They are called that because they simply exceed 96.5% RTP and have a low or very low index of variance.

You can find this type of real casino slots in the catalogs of all operators. They are present in any of the licensed online casinos, and strangely they are not the most demanded. In fact, only the most informed players know this information, and use it in order to find the most profitable online slots real money machines.

Choose a slot with a high payout frequency

There are two types of slot: those that pay small amounts but very frequently, and those that pay large amounts but every long time.

We recommend that you choose the slot machines that pay more frequently since with it you will have a better chance of winning. Unless your goal is to win a very large amount of money and you have enough budget to go for the ones that pay large amounts

Both high payout frequency and low payout frequency slots may have the same RTP. For example, if both slots have a 95% return, that is, they will return 95% of the coins played in total. However, in the high frequency ones 94% is achieved in the first 20 spins, while in the others with 20 spins we would only obtain 77% return on our investment. In the short term, those with a high frequency of payment are more convenient.

You can check out this information about slot machines by looking at the payments section, where the winnings that have been given in the different games appear minute by minute.

Try to avoid progressive slot machines. Playing a progressive machine with the aim of winning the accumulated jackpot can be very tempting but the chances of winning it are the same as winning the lottery. If what you want is to go for it, keep this information in mind since it is very likely that you will end up losing a lot of money.

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