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Slot machines are an important part of the casino landscape. Finally, it needs here no dealer or caregivers, who directs the match. Since the 90s, it is also common that the games of slot machines can be played in online casinos. But when it actually came to the invention of slot machines, on which basic rules and game variations based this and what tips should be followed to improve your own game.

The history of slot machines dates back to the year 1889. Here the brothers Camille developed the first slot machine, which was called Black Cat. Around the same time experimenting with Charles Fey 3-reel devices, of which the model should write Liberty Bell history. The latter served as a model for numerous other slot machines and was first used in casinos.

Since the end of the 90 slot machines can be played now no longer only in casinos and pubs, but also in online casinos. Since then, there were some changes in the slot machine area. So many games were graphically rich and developed countless new game variations, which can be played only partly online.

With regard to the rules which are games of slot machines kept simple. Basically, it comes to place a bet, and then to play it by the game round is started. Here, the player has no direct influence on the outcome of the turn, but can only be determined by how much is played and in which cases it comes to profits.

The latter is determined by the so-called pay lines, which run through the rollers of the pitch. Show similar icons on various rolls in the course of a winning line, then it comes to the distribution of profits.

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