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The "turn" is the fourth card is dealt onto the board, and the sixth card available to the player. Some players call this "fourth street". More often, however, the term "turn" used. Again, the dealer burns a card from the deck and then places the right of the last flop card is a card face up on the board.
 way look of the turn:
 The 9 of spades is the "turn card".

Now the players have access to the four cards on the board and their two hole cards. As in the previous betting round the player to the left of the dealer button ("D" for dealer) and is still involved in the game begins.

The use of the turn corresponds to the upper limit, in a € 2-4 game, these are € 4 Each player has to with three raises per betting round use and a cap. If a player bets € 4 and if the other party can only fold or 'call (call), then it can increase again, and the total of three times. If only two players are left, the number of raises in our real-money tables is unlimited.

Now there are five cards on the board and the players have two hole cards. Now the first player is again left of the dealer button, who is still involved in the series. Upon completion of all actions such as "check" (exit) "Bet" (set), "Call" (going along), "raise" (increase ) begins the showdown.

The player who has performed the action or who made ​​the last bet, the last increase or the last re-raise his cards must first be disclosed. This means that the player who has performed the last action in the last card (River) must show his cards first.

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