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If a player for any reason misses the small blind, that player may not play in any hands until it has the small blind is made. In the game this seat is marked with "MS" to indicate the missed small blind.

The player of the current big blind is asked to sit next to the big blind and the small blind. The next active player to the left of this is asked to post the big blind. The player who had missed the small blind, can not return until the game when the dealer button is passed him by. If the player does the boisterous small blind, then this money is "dead" and must be placed directly into the pot before any cards are dealt.

If these rules are still valid on all video poker machines, know that there are still several variants which are presented in detail on the site Top poker. These versions differ by the presence or absence of a joker, by paying hands and the payable. The most famous versions are called: jacks or better, tens or better, all  joker poker and deuces wild.

Appears in video poker casinos in the 70s. With the development of electronics and computers, developers slot machines have the idea of replacing the rollers slots by the digital screen on which symbols scrolled.

Then they also create adaptations of famous games electronics. Among these changes, there is a solitaire game that will become the poker video poker. Quickly, it is a great success but it was not until the 90s that he stands out as one of the games of casinos stars alongside slot machines, roulette and blackjack. To learn more about this story, read this post .

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