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It should be noted that participation in the free rolls should not be neglected. You can often hear the opinion that playing for hours in the hope of winning a few dollars - a waste of time. However, as they say, only those who have forgotten about the basic precepts of any successful poker player - practice and more practice. Actually free roll even one that has not produced tangible results - a unique opportunity to gain invaluable gaming experience. Level players in free rolls slightly different from the level of competitors at the lower limits, which means you can freely and free of charge to hone your strategy.

Categories of players with whom we have to deal in the free rolls are usually different. One of them are players who have gone to the tournament out of boredom. They do not care about how to survive in it as long as possible, and easy to go for broke and use aggressive tactics. Typically, these players out of the game before the break. Playing with different players such unpredictability, and the usual strategy is necessary to rebuild on the fly. Another category of players, which also rarely comes even before the first break - it's the Cubs, who decided to try his hand at his first competition.

Main category rivals, which is to be feared - it's the people who came to the tournament in order to win and are willing to fight for it. As a rule, they constitute the bulk of the players after the break. Therefore, the best strategy at this stage of the game will play only strong cards. Experts recommend not to go into the game early when the maps below kings and aces. Should be wary of those players who have already lost almost all of their chips, so they had no choice but to go for broke, regardless of the hand. The likelihood of such a development is enhanced if the previous hand a player has been defeated.

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