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Especially if you are looking for a combination of gambling and classic computer games, so you should pay absolutely a casino with software from Bet soft Gaming visiting. Even if you have never been in contact with gambling, you will have somewhere already seen the Mercury-Sun.

This is for gaming machines of the Gauze man Group and is known in particular in Germany and neighboring countries. Meanwhile, however, many of the devices can also be played as an online version - and you should, given the high quality also absolutely do.

Long before the online age the first Mercury casino was opened by the Gauze man Group in 1974. At that time the machines were still in the hands of other providers, switching to the production of our own devices implemented until later.

Apparently, the company has also success with this recipe, because the business activities could be extended to many countries in Europe - and the annual turnover has now broken the threshold of one billion euros. Not least, this is due to the very good games that Mercury promises.

After the Games the Gauze manna group also can be played online now, do not play in casinos like the Sun maker or the Sunny players almost all machines, which you can also find in the real casinos. However, we must ensure not expect too much progress:

The Gauze man Group knits up the manufacture of gaming machines prescribed. Video Poker still counts as more exotic games, sports betting, online poker or other "experiments" are not offered. However, this concentration on the core business can certainly have its advantages.

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