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In the practice of online luck duck deposit issued bonuses for deposits in certain ways m, that is, specific means of payment. There is also a promotion for the invitation to your friends and acquaintances in the online casino. They indicate when registering your personal code or pass the link that you send them. The bonus is credited when a guest will make money on the account, the bonus can be to a certain percentage of the first deposit of your referral, and may be a fixed value.

No deposit bonuses for their size, of course, inferior to deposit, but also contribute to attracting new customers and maintain existing ones. They are issued for activities not related to the completion of accounts: for example, participated in the survey, contest or for birthdays and other important dates.

Usually, big bonuses offer young online casino and casino with a rich luck duck history, have already gained a reputation for offering bonuses less modest, but still significant. However, the promise of a huge reward for your first deposit may well be not honest advertising course casino and fraudulent course of one-day casinos that create their offices for one or two days to gather with naive players more money and close up shop. Therefore, if you see a promise of a giant bonus, you better check once more information about this casino.

It operates a large system of bonuses. Welcome bonus - 10%, with a maximum of 10,000 rubles; bonus rates - 1 ruble (depending on the player) for every 1,000 rubles rates as well as a bonus for an opinion. There is also individual acts bonus policy for the High Roller. Risk-free bonus is given to those who have bad luck for three consecutive days.

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