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Popularity roulette deserved years since its creation, which still argue gambling historians around the world. Some believe that it was made in ancient China, other scholars are of the opinion that the classic roulette originated at the turn of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

While playing roulette for money was only entitled the local aristocracy and visiting nobles who generously dealer when receive decent wins. But in the future identity as a representative casino roulette has increased so much that it has become almost a national treasure and, going to the gambling establishment, practically any visitor can put real money on roulette. However, not everyone who visited won, in order to make money on the roulette wheel was necessary to have at least some strategy.

To date, there are at least five dozen methods or strategies for playing roulette for money. They are divided according to the method of approach to the game and the type of roulette. Some of the most popular ways to use even a novice can, without feeling any difficulty in understanding the strategy, and some are only appropriate for pros who know how to make money at the roulette table. Some methods created some time ago and their creators mathematicians and philosophers no one remembers, and others have appeared recently and are more suited to playing for real money online roulette in the pages of the online casino. Martingale strategy, Fibonacci Lab ouch ere, D' Lambert system 3/2 and other techniques help to feel professional online roulette playing for real money. Choice of strategy to cope with the player must determine the type of roulette, in which he wants to play for real money in online casinos and it is not easy. Coming strides worldwide classic roulette, spawned many variations of the original version. Inspired gambling mores of different peoples Roulette acquired different names and minor changes in the rules. Today, there are three main types of online roulette in online casinos.

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