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Craps - one of the oldest games in the world. Back in the 20th century BC in ancient Egypt and other countries, people indulged in divination and dice. With bone (more accurate to say "knuckle") are found throughout the world. Very many of them small, ideal for divination. For this, by the way, the game is not very fond of believers in countries - including in ancient Russia.

But now we have the 21th century in the yard and all the persecutions, divination, and other things left behind. Today craps - the most popular game of dice. It uses cubes with slightly rounded edges. Typically, there are only two.

Goal of the game - guess the combination of numbers as a result of a throw shooter. Shooter (or shooter) in craps called a player who rolls dice. Altogether six cube faces, and each of them is applied from one to six points.

The shooter is constantly changing. This is not an employee casino , and one of the players (all the tables, usually up to 20 people). Once the shooter loses bone passed to the next player. The most important thing to learn is counted in craps: Come Out Roll and Point Roll . If you roll one of them, then the game becomes a stage Point Roll . But if fell 2, 3 or 12, this situation is called Craps : shooter loses. If the roll is 7 or 11, then the declared Natural , the shooter wins and continues to throw dice. All other rates of the four have a similar principle. Not to confuse our readers, we do not give them. So far, you have to remember that these are the main four bets. A total of more than 20 pieces. For example, at a rate of Any Seven player bets that the next roll is 7; Big Eight - the player puts that 8 will be rolled before a 7.

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