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Does the dealer is an ace with the value is up, then you as a player ask for insurance. This extra effort is half the original bet and place on the insurance line of the playing field. Does the dealer blackjack, you win 2 times the insurance bet back and you have no losses. Statistically, this has proved not a good move and we recommend that this commitment be degraded.

Blackjack can be played in almost every online casino and comes in many variations. The most well-known variations are blackjack, multi hand blackjack and is very exciting and fun game to play regularly again.

In almost every casino world blackjack is one of the major attractions . The card game that we are known as " twenty-one " is due to several factors. 's Popularity First, blackjack is a game of strategic nature , which you yourself have a great influence on the final result . It distinguishes itself from other casino games that are based more on luck .

Furthermore, the popularization of blackjack the outcome of various publications in the 60s , as the book "Beat the Dealer " . This writer and self- described avid player Edward Thorpe how the casino could be beaten by card counting. In the table below you will find a number of popular casino that is currently very popular for Blackjack players .

Blackjack can now not only in casinos , because on the internet you can join for an exciting game of online blackjack . However, the possibilities are limited in the Netherlands live blackjack . Holland Casino namely the exclusive right to offer the game. This allows you to just play the game live to one of the 14 Holland Casino locations to travel . The minimum bet is the cheapest cases usually € 10 per hand .

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